Sunday, 7 February 2010

A floor lamp needed

Meant to say in previous post, what we are still missing is some sort of lamp so that we can read in bed. I quite like the idea of something quite modern, to contrast with the more traditional wallpaper. What I'd really love is an anglepoise lamp, but sadly the budget won't stretch to that. I was looking online and saw this one from B&Q. What do you think?? (and sorry, you'll have to squint, because I can't seem to get the images any bigger!)

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  1. it maybe a little out of budget, but has loads of unique reclaimed lighting - some old anglepoise ones in there too -
    may be something you find there, although it can still be a bit pricey! x

  2. ooh - what amazing stuff! Sadly a little over budget for me, but great to know about. And occasionally drool over! x