Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A bedroom reorganisation

Sooooooo, it struck me yesterday, whilst at work and taking a mini break from hammering the phones and nagging journos, that maybe the solution to the big bedroom dilemma (I'm forever whittering on about hating the decor but not knowing what to do) was to switch our rooms around. My slightly mad proposal is to move the boy's music studio into the large bedroom, and move the guest bed and our clothes into what is currently the studio (the medium sized room in our three bed pad).

The benefits are:
it's at the front of the house so get more sun than the back;
it's cosier and would suit some fantastic wallpaper I've seen (Osborne & Little Foxglove!);
we could fit a double bed, a double or quadruple wardrobe and maybe even a little mini dressing table area;
the boy would feel so guilty about snagging the biggest room that he has agreed another wardrobe could remain in the new studio space;
the boy would have space for music stuff and another desk for freelance design and marketing work (the perfect live/work solution).

The wallpaper I like -

Anyway - the change won't happen before Chritmas I wouldn't have thought - when we can take some time off and switch things around. I also think if we're doing that we might as well get wooden floors downstairs (maybe in January sales...) Pictures and more dull musings on this issue to follow, I'm sure! ;-)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Shopping in Bruges

We went to Bruges recently, which is the prettiest, prettiest place in the world. We also found a brilliant shop there called Maisons Dumonde. As it was my birthday the boy let me browse for as long as I liked! It's a little bit like Zara Home, and was really reasonable. I bought some great distressed looking silver tea light holders and a couple of presents for a friend for Christmas (yes, Em, that's you!).

Here are a few of the other delights I liked -

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pretty things on stones

I'm often talking about how I like to snap things I notice as I'm walking about the place, so thought I'd share these two additions to my file of 'pictures-I-must-print-and-do-something-with'! The first we noticed whilst on a brilliant clifftop walk in the south of France, and the second was on the side of one of the buildings we saw this weekend, in Bruges.

A reminder of these two great images as well, taken near my home in North London.

As I've probably said before, I really like using this sort of thing to make a great, cheap picture for the wall!

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

More bedroom inspiration

No posts for weeks, and then two in one evening! Who'd have thought?!

My mind has been turning yet again to our large bedroom, which I still haven't re-decorated. I realise that there's a problem with these pictures - my eye is often drawn to bright and white, and sadly the east facing bedroom can't carry this sort of look off. I don't think. However, you can never compile too many inspiring pictures! What do you reckon?

Images from Living Etc

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Mille the kitten ventures outside

Sorry I haven't been updating very regularly recently - everything has been very busy...with no change in sight for the next 6 weeks or so!

We have had time, however, to take the kitten for her first trips out to the garden. She was soooo terrified the first time she could barely walk her legs were shaking so much. Here's a little picture of her once she go into her stride, and realised that the outside world was full of exciting things to look at.

And here she is looking just a little bit evil - on the stairs!

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