Sunday, 27 December 2009

A belated Merry Christmas!

How terrible - I haven't written a blog since October. Crazy. I'm not really sure why - work was very busy, we've had quite a few visitors, I had nothing to say or show that was a patch on what fellow bloggers share... ANYWAY - practically new year, and hence the time for resolutions. I resolve to write more blog posts, and to do some of the housey things I'm always talking about!

We've been having a lovely Christmas break and, counting weekends too, I've got 17 days away from the office. Brilliant, eh? We had a London Christmas this year, with my Mum coming up from Dorset to stay with us. On Christmas day itself we went around to some good friends who conveninently live about 2 minutes away, and ate with them. So, Christmas without having to cook - even better!

To ease myself back into the blogging habit I just thought I'd share a few pics of our Christmas decor, our ever growing kitten, and the dining room table around at my friends house...I love decorating our tree each year, bringing out the big box of decorations, many of which my mum and I made together when I was small. We add to it each year too, and I love having a mixture of things on the tree. I'm afraid we don't have themes or colours just a big mixture of Christmas memories and campness (pear necklace wearing festive frogs, anyone?!) The big, slightly scruffy cardboard Santa (or Santy if you're Irish) on top of the tree came from the boy's childhood, so that sits atop each year too!

Our Christmas dining room table -

Lovely Christmas bunting - a present from a friend

Millie the kitten found the tree quite exciting, but to date has been very good and not pulled the whole thing over. She does like to play with the decorations though!

She also loves paper...and wrapping presents took a bit longer than normal

A cute garland with wooden hearts and pegs, that holds some of our cards

Our own table - we had friends to dinner on Christmas Eve