Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wallpaper and curtains

In a few minutes of rare decisiveness I've just ordered some wallpaper and curtains in the Laura Ashley sale for our new bedroom (the old studio). I've loved the Heligan pattern for ages, and actually thought about using it in the back bedroom (new studio)and brought a sample home. I decided against it, but took it around to a friend's house thinking it would look great in her guest room, and it does! So she has a heligan covered chimney breast and heligan curtains in her guest room, with lovely green walls. I think we're going to keep our walls white and just paper one wall... Hopefully it will look restful and lovely.

Floor laying is going on at a pace downstairs - though still no skirting boards in the bedroom, so we can't start moving stuff back in yet. I'm so impatient, and I HATE mess, so I just can't wait to get it all done! We're away for the next two weekends, so not sure when we're going to be able to order our wardrobes - I might have to bribe a friend to take us to Ikea one week night.

All promising progress though!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Pre-wooden floor chaos!

A few snaps of the chaos! We spent last night clearing out the studio so that wooden floors could be laid today. They're looking great, but the skirting boards still need to be replaced. That will be done tomorrow, and then the work will start on the hallway... The plan is that by about lunchtime tomorrow we should be able to move the bed and wardrobe etc into the old studio / new bedroom. Hopefully we can then sort out the new studio / office. We've already moved the piano and so once the bed is out of the way we'll be able to sort everything else out. In two weeks time we're hiring a van and driving back to Dorset to collect a huge oak desk that belonged to my wonderful Dad. I can't wait to have it in our home, and have told the boy that he has to keep the studio tidy in honour of the desk!!

More soon....

Piles of music equipment...

And you can see the floor in the old studio / new bedroom!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wooden floor excitement

I'm very excited because on Wednesday our wooden flooring is being delivered!! We've already got dark oak flooring upstairs (in the lounge and hallway - our house is kinda upside down) and we're now doing the hallway and two of the bedrooms downstairs. We got the flooring from B&Q, but it really does look great (we're going for the same one again). I was a bit disappointed that we only saved 15% in the sale this year, 2 years ago we saved a whopping 30%. Still, 15% isn't to be sniffed at I guess.

We're going to move the boys music studio into the large bedroom (currently guest room and dressing room) and he's going to keep the carpet in there as it's better for the sound. Our new guest bedroom, complete with wooden floors, will be the medium sized room AND very excitingly once the floors are down we're going to order 200cm of wardrobe space - 2 double wardrobes worth. As we're getting IKEA Pax ones the rails will be double height so it should quadruble the pitiful wardrobe space we have at the moment.

Realistically I don't expect this all to be completed before the beginning of February, but I CAN'T WAIT! I'm slightly worried about all the stuff I'm going to find under both the double beds when we move them... but I guess January is the perfect time for a clear out!

Photos to follow soon...